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    Coaching via phone, Skype or in-person 

    Kate has significant experience offering coaching services face-to-face and virtually (that is via phone and Skype). 

    It's a surprise to many people just how effective coaching by phone or Skype can be. And despite the prevalence of virtual coaching over face-to-face coaching, it remains something of a well kept secret.

    Apart from the usual benefits of face to face coaching, virtual coaching gives you additional benefits, such as;

    • No travelling time
    • You can be coached from where ever is convenient for that session – eg. home, work, or in transit 
    • Some people are more open to share certain things when not facing someone, eye to eye
    • You can sit, lie down, have eyes shut through the session 
    • Greater focus on what’s being said without visual distractions

    Why not give phone or Skype coaching a try?  I am very confident that you will enjoy virtual coaching.